Police and Fire Cancer Insurance

Created for firefighters to quickly and easily get protected.  With busy duty days to hectic off duty jobs and family obligations, we've made it easy for you and your family to protect yourself. 

Police and Fire Insurance


Firefighter Cancer & Heart Insurance

Protecting firefighters with Cancer Insurance. 
Easy (over-the-phone) Applications make protecting firefighters from cancer quicker and simpler than ever. 
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Firefighter Cancer Insurance

Designed with Recovery in Mind

Cancer | Heart Attack/Stroke | Critical Illness

The Critical Advantage protection pays a lump-sum benefit of diagnosis of a covered condition.  And with health care premiums rising and increases in treatment cost, many of your clients will be looking to help cover the difference between expenses and existing coverage.




Cancer caused 61% of the career firefighter line-of-duty deaths

from January 1, 2002, to March 31, 2017.  

Heart disease caused 18 % of career LODDs for the same period.



* Source: Data from the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)


Designed to Protect firefighters and families with cancer insurance. 

Additional protection includes heart attack, stroke and critical illness including alzheimers

Cancer Insurance

Ages 18 - 89

100% – Carcinoma in Situ (CIS), Internal Cancer or Malignant Melanoma

Heart Attack/Stroke

Ages 18 - 89

100% – Heart Attack & Stroke Conditions

25% – Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, Coronary Angioplasty

Critical Illness

Ages 18 - 64

100% – Internal Cancer or Malignant Melanoma, Heart Attack, Stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, Major Organ Transplant, Blindness, Paralysis, Deafness, Kidney Failure​

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Over-the-Phone Applications

Firefighter Cancer Insurance Products
Lump Sum Benefit

Upon diagnosis of a covered condition, a check is sent to the policyholder, not the health care provider.  No receipts or medical bills necessary.  Payment is for you to use in any way you choose.  Examples include:

  • Replacing lost income while your off work

  • Keeping up with ongoing living expenses

  • Paying health insurance deductibles and copays

  • Hiring home health care or child care services

  • Traveling to treatment facilities

The Need is Clear

Almost everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with one of the illnesses covered. Tell your family, friends and co-workers to get a free cancer quote.


A Passion to Protect

Protectors Life protects your life

Our owner, Brian Benedict, has a passion to protect firefighters in the quickest and most efficient way possible.  Being an Army veteran and retired career firefighter, he understands our hectic on/off duty schedules, stress and time constraints.  His goal is for you to get covered over the phone at your convenience. 


With busy duty days to hectic off duty jobs and family obligations, we've made it easy for you and your family to get protected.   Using over-the-phone quoting and e-applications give us the ability to quickly complete an application during your free time. Making insurance easy.  ​



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